Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is just a little re-cap of our busy weekend this past weekend! Friday I went shopping in Baton Rouge with my sister and had a great day! Saturday was full of grocery shopping with Lacie, pedicures for the little girls for Anna Kate's birthday and that night a cookout at the Bean's for the ending of the birthday celebration! Sunday we tried out a new church and headed to MawMaw's for a great lunch and family time! Ending the weekend with a grocery shopping trip to Walmart with my fam!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ponytails & A New Kitty Named Macy Grey

I think that since it's been such a long time since I blogged that I will just post a few pictures and say a few things that have happened around the Knapp house. I've been an awful update-er and picture taker this month!

Ava's Ponytail

Finally, Ava's hair can now go in a ponytail! It's still so fine and thin-ish that it still doesn't want to stay up there and it totally frustrates me even with a barret up top! But to me it's PRECIOUS and she looks absolutely adorable!

Oh myyyyyyyy, can you say ADORABLE or whatttt??? Aren't they just too cute for words with those smiles???!!! Or maybe it's just because they are mine! My oh myyyy do I have my hands full with these two little things and I love every minute of it. Presley is starting second grade tomorrow. I mean, really, where has the time gone?? She was just my little baby going off to pre-school at Jefferson Street. And Ava, 19 months old alreadyyyy! Wow! Time flies when you are busy! Ava is growing up more and more everyday and amazes me each day at all the new things she is learning. She is pretty dang good at repeating lots of words and doing lots of animal sounds: dog, cat, duck, snake, cow, bear, etc.

And I'm sure I'm forgetting some. She is saying more words now too. She's really good at Poppa and Nannie now and bye bye Mommy, bye bye Daddy, Juice, Presley (keeps getting better and better), ball, kitty, fish and MORE...She moved up to the older two year old room at school this week and left behind her most loved Ms. Pahnka. She's done really well in the new room with Sue Sue and seems to get along better now that it's smaller and less kids bullying her around (so Sue says) and less crying! So, we are moving right on up and right along and it's all happening so fast! Where is my PAUSE button for these little girls????

And this my friends (and family) is the newest and latest addition to our family (not by my choice)! A cat that came to us! Literally showed up in my garage! Why me, why my house? Knowing that my seven year old is an animal freak (like my mother) and especially a cat freak! So, now this is our new cat and her name is Macy Grey. Luckily, she is spayed, declawed and super duper really really nice, friendly, laid back (thank God), and silent!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure wish my children were like this! Ha! As you can see Ava LOVES the new cat! I mean really LOVES the new thing! She chokes it, loves it, pats it, tries to strangle it and Macy Grey just lays there and doesn't make a peep! Then we have Presley who is like the cat police who is trying to protect the cat and lock it up away from Ava.

Oh the joys of having a new pet...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to the Best Daddy (and husband) EVER!!!!

This morning my girls and I woke up to no Daddy :(!! He's at work on his second Father's Day and we miss him terribly today! I'm sad that he is out working in this heat and has to spend this day without us! So, this morning we are going to give a shout out to Daddy on our blog (even though he has never even read it)!! All three of us girls here think you are the most wonderful Daddy ever and we miss you terribly. Thank you for always helping me with the girls when you are here. Thank you for cooking for us, for feeding Ava, for giving baths and putting to bed so that Mommy can just be lazy and do nothing on your weeks home! Thank you for getting up with Ava in the mornings and letting Mommy sleep in. Thank you for doing laundry, thank you for doing anything I ask of you so that when I get off work life is easy. You are the BEST! Thank you for loving us and thank you for doing everything to make us HAPPY! Thank you for shuttling the girls off in the mornings if I'm running late! Thank you for picking them up and spending that extra time with them! Thank you for always grocery shopping with us just to give me some company and help me with the girls! I think you are SUPER DUPER AWESOME and I am such a lucky person to have you in our lives and I can't wait to spend many many more years with you and our girls! And I think the girls are such lucky little girls to have you as their Daddy (and stepdad)!! Thank you for being a wonderful husband. Thank you for always balancing me out and keeping me straight. Thank you for putting up with my fussing and ignoring me when I'm mean. Thank you taking me to lunch on your weeks home so we have "extra time" alone together. Thank you for driving us around so I don't have to listen to you complain about my driving. Thank you for always watching my shows with me in bed and loving every second of it even though you'd probably rather be watching hunting. Thank you for cutting back on your hunting since Ava was born! Thank you for always letting me get my way and being happy about it!! I love you and think you are such a great man, husband and Daddy!

I'd also like to mention that I have three WONDERFUL men in my life that are all AWESOME fathers and I'm so lucky to have all three. I love you Daddy and I love you Malcolm and I love you Mr. Max. Life doesn't get much better than this and I thank God for my many blessings in my life! Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there and I hope it's a FABULOUS day for all!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My it's been awhile...Time for an update on The Knapp's

It's been a busy month for The Knapp's and my gosh is it HOT! All I can think about is being so happy that I work inside and not outside like my husband!! Since the last blog life has been crazy busy as usual and many things have happened because it's SUMMERTIME. Presley is out of school so I have enjoyed my mornings not having to drop off kids at two different places. I have actually been sleeping in way too late and not making it to work on time! I also seem to get very spoiled when my husband is home and really hit the snooze button too many times because I know he can shuttle the kids off for me!!!! Presley's Tball games are over. It was getting too hot so I'm happy but at the same time I'm a little sad! Her team came in SECOND place. I am so proud of her! She has learned so much this year and has turned out to be a GREAT ballplayer just like her Mommy was! On May 31st we celebrated our TWO year wedding anniversary, but we didn't celebrate together. The husband was off at work and we were off to the BEACH! We spent Monday to Monday in Orange Beach. Presley, Ava, me, Lacie, Timber, Kaylea and Kay. On Thursday Mom and Malcolm came down too! I am so glad we decided on an early trip to the beach this year because now the waters are closed to swimming. While we were there we saw some enviromental people cleaning up the tar balls and combing the beaches and there was a swimming health advisory. I never really saw any oil except for some tar balls on the shovel on Sunday while they were scooping the sand. It's such a sad situation and I'm sad thinking of what those beautiful Alabama sands will look like in a few weeks. Anyway, we had a GREAT time at the beach! It's hardwork with so many kids and especially having babies, but oh so relaxing and enjoyable just to do as you please for a WHOLE WEEK and enjoy doing whatever!!! You certainly pay for being gone for a week! It's been two weeks since we got home and I have been so busy that I still have not gotten back into the groove of things! Every since vacation ended Ava has been screaming every night to come get in bed with me and she doesn't give up that screaming until she is in bed with me! On vacation her crib was in my room so she would get up in the middle of the night and dumb me put her in bed with me! Now I am suffering. We are going on two weeks and she has ONLY slept thru the night FOUR times. I am exhausted. I am tired of it. I want this to end NOW! Bedtime was still easy up until last night! I guess now she even wants to start off in bed with me and I am NOT HAVING it!! Nope, not giving in to that! She cried in the crib for FIFTY minutes! Yes, I said FIFTY! People, that is almost ONE HOUR! I have some strong willed children I must say! It continued for so long that I went outside and watered flowers so I would not have to hear that AWFUL screaming cry she has. UGH! Came back in and she was down to the whining more quiet cry and after one minute she was out and boy I was so proud of myself for not giving in to her and not going in there! The crying must have wore her little butt out because she slept all night thank you Jesus!!!! Now, if only I could be that strong during the night and not go in there! But it's so hard at night because the house is so quiet and all I can do is lay in the bed listening to that screaming horrific cry and just want to be asleep!!! I can't sleep thru a crying baby so I usually give in and go get her which then means she is in my bed all up on me and I still don't sleep! But now I am determined that I will be strong enough to let her cry it out and she will stay in her own bed! I have to do this! I can do this! I am a big girl so put on my big girl panties and deal with it! Right? I so miss the days when she just went to bed so easy and stayed ASLEEP all night! These molars she has been cutting, mixed with being sick a few weeks back, mixed with vacation has really gotten us off track and this Mommy is so EXHAUSTED!! Send any tips my way if you are reading this! Now to tell you about the temper tantrum horrible fits this child of mine is throwing too! These things are HORRIBLE!!! She becomes this monster or something! Throwing out on the floor, screaming, hitting herself, scratching her face, pulling her hair, slapping anyone who tries to get her, just crying crying and crying and will not be quiet! Ugh, I am so over this too! It has to come to an end! Anyone have any tips for this????? Are there such things as the TERRIBLE ONES????? And if this is the TERRIBLE ONES I do NOT want to see the terrible twos. I am running away! On a good note, Ava has grown up so much and is doing new things everyday. She really talks up a storm and really thinks she is saying some good stuff. She has lots of new words too and of course when I go to mention them I forget them. Bobo, Nannie, Presley, baby, thank you, fish, juice, keys, ride (I think), byebye, PawPaw, maybe Poppa too (Nannie says she said it), and that's all I can think of. She loves outside and it's just too dang hot out there so of course this is one of the times that the fit throwing happens. She loves to take a ride on the Ranger with Daddy. Loved the beach, sand (not on her hands), loved the waves crashing into her.

Ok, so now I need to show you some pictures of these two cutie pies of mine! They sure are cute and Mommy sure does love them, but they sure do give their Mommy a hard time sometimes!!! What would life be like without our children?? I will upload some pictures tonight.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Two weeks and to the beach we GO!!

Two more weeks and off to beach we go! And I can't wait!! I have been very lazy the last two weeks and kind of relaxing and not doing much while my husband has been home with us!! That's why there are no pictures this week! Not much news to report except that:

Presley is doing AWESOME in Tball!! I do not want it to end!! She is so good this year and has turned out to be quite the ball player! She is getting tons of OUTS and really HITTING that ball HARD! I am so proud of her!

Ava seems to be talking much better since her tubes. She is now saying:

Thank you (some sort of way)
Presley (some sort of way that I can't figure out, but I really think she's trying to say Presley)
Shhhhh (this is the cutest thing ever!!! She shhhh's and blows thru her nose while putting her finger up to her mouth!! It's so cute!!)
And now my mind is blank, but I'm sure there are MORE!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tubes, T-ball, Birthday party and Mother's Day 2010

Friday started out at FOUR a.m for Daddy, Mommy, and Ava. Presley stayed with Mom! I have such an amazing, awesome Mom!!! We headed out to McComb for Ava's little tube surgery! Of course she stayed awake the whole way there and was just visiting up a storm with all the nurses when we got to the Ambulatory Center. They all loved her and thought she was so small, cute and such a friendly little thing! Little did they know what she would turn out to be coming off the anesthesia! Wow, how come no one but the nurses prepared me for this??!!!!! The nurse said that the sweeter they are going to sleep, the worse they are waking up! Boy, was she right on the money!!!!!!!!! First, the Versed made Ava so funny. Her Daddy and I were laughing at her so hard. Her body was so heavy and she just didn't know what to think of things. She would just look at us with this hilarious face! She was in such good spirits when they took her back, she never cried, they said she was sweet and didn't fight the mask. When we got back to recovery, it was a COMPLETE TOTALLY different scene! Ava started fighting, screaming, arching her back, pulling our hair, throwing her Daddy' hat on the floor, would NOT suck her passy, was TOTALLY pissed at the thing on foot, would not watch TV! Nothing made her happy. We could not comfort her, we could not do anything to help her!! I watched the clock for TEN minutes which seemed like HOURS! Finally, she settled down and fell asleep on her Daddy and soon we were headed home. She did NOT sleep any of the ride home and only took and hour nap at home! I was exhausted, her Daddy was exhausted, she was exhausted and such a FUSSY FUSSY little girl. Presley had a T-ball game so my AWESOME in-laws came over to watch Ava and bath her and she was OUT when we got home. Presley did so GOOD in her T-ball game. We won and went to Sonic afterwards to celebrate with the team. Mommy was so tired that I couldn't see straight. I was out like a light by nine! Ava was awake from 2:30-4:30 and thank you JESUS for Benadryl went back to sleep till 6:30. She was in better spirits Saturday, but still clingy (especially to her Daddy, Ha!!). We went to my sister-in-laws for a birthday party and crawfish! Ava had a blast and we enjoyed spending the day with them. It felt so good outside this weekend! Ava was us at 5:30 Sunday morning, so her Daddy brought her to our room and we slept till about 7:00. Happy Mother's Day to me!! I got a gift certificate for an hour massage and a pedicure! I'm so excited. We went to church with my in-laws and lunch to my grandparents and cooked hamburgers that evening at home with Lacie and her kids. It was a great day!! Ava slept all night last night and slept in until 7:00 this morning so I'm hoping that is a good sign and we are back on track now with GOOD EARS!!!!!! We have a week full of T-ball games with my Presley and I'm so excited! I'll be the one hollering in the bleachers! 

Have a great week everyone!
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